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All Gifted Products

All Gifted develop products and services for mobile learning and is targeted help schools, districts and government structure education systems that will maximize the human intelligence.

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Seeking a quality education in foreign land

We would like to share our experience in education. Our daughter is 8 yrs old, a Singaporean but has lived outside Singapore since her birth. Her education

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Adult Reading

If you are looking for reading and language arts programs to improve your skills, consider our reading program.

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Executive Function and Disorders

When my child frequently forgets his assignments and exams, I was told he has executive function problems, so what is this Executive Dysfunction?

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Overcoming Dyslexia

I will never need to know if I am dyslexic, because I have never given it a chance. The little story of how you too can refuse to let it surface.

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Feedback for All Gifted Seminar The Beginnings July 2013

All Gifted Seminar The Beginnings July 2013

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Mr. Ng Thing Seng

I read your story and teaching philosophy with great interest. I have for a long time, think mass education has too many short comings. Students who

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All Gifted Gives Back

All Gifted is a social enterprise, and our social purpose is to promote literacy and numeracy at an individual pace.

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Great Educators Matter

Often, good educators are under-appreciated in our society, they are seldom the ones to be promoted, their voices are seldom heard, and they are made to do things more aggressive educators won't.

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All Gifted's Teaching Philosophy

All Gifted's Teaching Philosophy in bringing the best of breed systems to cater to millennium children who are tech-savvy and digital natives.

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Algebra for Primary School Students

Algebra is normally introduced late in primary school, and taught properly in secondary schools. We believe algebra can be mustered if taught systematically to skillful young mathematicians.

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Singapore Primary Mathematics

Singapore Primary Maths has been put on the mobile devices to ensure students can be taught anywhere. There are two programs, one is the core curriculum, and one is a game to reinforce topics.

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Kindergarten and Primary Programs

All Gifted provides kindergarten and primary programs for school-going and homeschooled children. All courses utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver individualized pedagogy anywhere.

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After School Tuition

After school tuition can be a great way to help the child's academic work, but too much of it can weaken some non-cognitive skills.

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Parents matter in education

Often, parents work even harder than educators in an education system. One example is Singapore...

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Pamela Lim Giving Smart Kids a Head Start

One size doesn't fit all, but schools continue to educate kids that way. Singaporean mother of five Pamela Lim wants to change that. Despite being diagnosed with all sorts of problems, ...

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Brighten the corner where you are

Brighten the corner where you are

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All Gifted Animation Workshop

The world of animation is fascinating and this is a rare chance to help them make things they draw come to life! Just two hours to get that cartoon he likes to draw moving.

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Feedback for All Gifted Seminar Nurture Primary School Years

Feedback for All Gifted Seminar Nurture Primary School YearsJuly 2013

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Parenting Adolescent

Parenting adolescents are challenging and often heart breaking. One thing I have learnt is never treating them as just friends, but make sure they know we are responsible parents.

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Interpersonal Intelligence

A boy with great interpersonal intelligence who gave my son hope, friends and changed him for the better.

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Nurturing Early Minds - 13.07.13

Thank you Pamela for the refreshing ideas this afternoon. I had been reading and googling on homeschool topics for quite a while since the birth of my

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Pamela Lim New Asia Biz Woman

It has been more than 12 years and it is amazing and fascinating that those thoughts are consistent. Thanks to one of the best journalists I have met who found this and sent it to me. [...]

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Recommended Books for Primary School

These books are arranged by their difficulties, and your child can read them according to their age.

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Praising Kids: Hail Efforts and Not Achievements

I was both shocked and pleased to see Professor Carol Dweck featured in the Education Minister's speech at the Primary School Education Seminar and Exhibition.

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Reading and Language Arts Program

If you are looking for reading and language arts programs for your children to improve their skills, we have two available. One for reading alone, one is a core curriculum.

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My ADD Girl

I have 4 children. My eldest is a girl who is 19 this year. The other is a boy turning 17 end of the year and a pair of twin girls age 13. The eldest

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After Course Thoughts

Thoughts from participants in our courses

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Key to Acceleration

How to you accelerate a child in his education pursuits? Are you just pursuing what others tell you to, or looking within your child to know the answers?

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The Pain of an "Average" Child

I am thankful that my child is blessed with normalcy and not has special needs, I can imagine the pain, heartache and toil a parent with a special needs

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All Gifted High School

Self-paced, regionally accredited High School

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The Gift of Education Seminar

The Gift of Education Seminars - please indicate your interests to facilitate our planning

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Math Adaptive Test

Math adaptive tests are available to ascertain how advance students are from kindergarten to grade 6

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Autistic and Gifted

All children are gifted and that applies to those with autism, and therefore parents should know what these gifts are...

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Homeschooling for the Schooled

When my son could not read or add by seven, I deliberately slowed him down and homeschool him even though he is attending to school...

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Respect is earned, not given

Hi Pamela I just want to share what I had learnt as an educator in a local polytechnic, and hope it will useful. I was a facilitator in Republic Polytechnic,

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Asian Or Western Education

Asian or western education have their own merits, and there are misconceptions that lead us to think otherwise...

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Educators' Perspective

Educators' Perspectives can be very different from parents'. Here's a little story of how I discovered this the very hard way...

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The Educator, The Destroyer

Educators can be destroyers. Here is an incident of how the educators left me much to handle for years...

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Choosing Schools

Choosing schools or universities has never been easy. How do we know our children can thrive in a school of choice?

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HomeSchool or School

The decision to homeschool or school a child can be daunting. How about a combination? So what are some of the advantages of both?

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Visual Spatial Learners

Visual spatial learners won't show workings, and have upside down intelligence. They learn differently from students who are organized and listen well.

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Kinesthetic Giftedness

People gifted with kinesthetic intelligence are able to manipulate their bodies and are geniuses in movements and timing. They need to move, cannot sit still, and are often mislabeled with ADHD.

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Einstein-Giftedness is in everyone. Yet even now, only one kind of intelligence is being recognized widely. My views ...

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Universities are PG rated

Do you know that universities cannot take in early entrants below 15 because they are not equipped to do so. Hence, parents have to chip in.

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Entrepreneur in Pamela Lim

This is the only magazine I kept from the many press coverages of yesteryear. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

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Social Prodigy

There are many kinds of intelligence, and they all play a part in our success. People who are socially adept are geniuses in their own rights.

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The Gift of Education

Everyone is gifted and deserves the gift of education. Teaching resources, excellent articles, activities for school districts and home schools.

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Pamela Lim

Pamela Lim - Mother, Educator and Entrepreneur. Over the next five years, I will focus my research on Education.

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