Many have asked me to conduct parents seminars so I have put together these. It took me a while to get organized. 

These seminars are typically organized once a year, always different and updated with the newest research. 

The main three seminars conducted every year are: The Beginnings Nurturing Early Primary School Year, and Alternate Pathways.

The Beginnings

This seminar is meant for parents with preschool primary school children.  I have never imagined how important those preschool years were, and how early reading  gave my children head starts in their academic studies. 

My oldest son started sighting words at 18 months old because I purposefully taught him to read at 3 months old, while my youngest still could not read at 7 and a half because I had no time.  Yet the methods to teach them to read can be universal once we know their learning styles.

In addition to reading, there are many more activities to help them develop during the first six years of their lives, the time when their brain grow the fastest.  This seminar will cover these.

The Beginnings is meant for parents with preschool children in preparing their children for academic pursuits. I remember my friends used to laugh at me for over-preparing my children for school. I am thankful I did. And because I did, they managed to do well enough to move directly from primary school to university level courses. It is not about just sending them to a dozen preschool activities, nor about signing up for every co-curriculum available. It is about time management and planning their future. So, I will be sharing with you how to give your kids a head start. You can sign up for The Beginnings here

  1. Teaching my child to read
  2. How do I know my child is gifted
  3. How to prepare my child for academic pursuits
  4. Early childhood thinking skills

Nurturing Early Primary School Years

I used the primary school years to expose my children to all sorts of activities hoping to help them discover themselves and find their passions.  To me, besides basic numeracy and literacy programs, it is important to find out who the child is before he/she reaches puberty and starts to build a personality of his/her own.

From seven to twelve years old, my task was to discover their passion and start to look for programs that feed that passion.  This is important to a parent because the earlier a child understands himself or herself, the easier it is for the parent to guide the child.

This seminar covers how you find out where the child's gifts are, and how to go about accelerating the child in these areas, and start preparing for tertiary studies in the chosen areas.

I will also discuss the importance of finding your child's passion and how to get him/her to academic excellence and possible acceleration whether or not the child is gifted. 

This seminar is NOT about sending the kids to more and more tuition to catch up in the mad rat race. It is about preparing them for tertiary studies even at this young age, so that they can have an edge right up to university. Instead of just going for more tuition, there are more interesting ways to prepare students to do engaging work that will not only improve their academic results, but also prepare them beyond primary school years. We want to tap on them, without spending hours and hours doing so. 

You can sign up for Nurturing the Primary School Years here. This should be suitable if you a child already in or due for primary school. 

  1. How do I prepare my child for a differentiated education
  2. How do I know my child is academically gifted
  3. How do I accelerate my school-going child
  4. Finding the passion and igniting it for secondary and tertiary school years

As always, remember that if your family income is less than $2000, we provide a scholarship and the seminar is free. You just drop me a message on my Facebook Page. If your family income is between $2000-3000, you pay half. If you want to know about our social enterprise support, please read here.

Alternative Pathways

Lastly, I believe there are too many changes in our current education scene and there are new and better ways to navigate the education system. One common change is the use of technology or Edutech and the testing methodologies. So what does that mean? As you probably already know, I am always for acceleration and enrichment, and these must cater to every child and individually. 

I will be going through the resources available, and the strategies involved. The courses that are earning graduates big bucks, the career paths that yield the most happiness. We parents must take charge of our own children's education and therefore their destinies. 

So, if you want your children to have a differentiated or individualized education, you can do it alongside school and still help your children graduate from the university in their teens. I will be giving away the secrets and teaching you how to do it, without the expected stress. You can sign up for Alternate Pathways here

This seminar is for a parent with child of any age, who wants a differentiated education, and wants to know what he/she can do to help. I have arranged for an expert who is trained to help students find the gifts and then prepare parents to walk through possible paths with them. You will find these really insightful as you uncover and unlock the potential in each child.

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