Seeking a quality education in foreign land

by Alan Teh

We would like to share our experience in education. Our daughter is 8 yrs old, a Singaporean but has lived outside Singapore since her birth. Her education is constantly on our minds!

We experimented with Montessori in her pre-school years, followed by American International school up to Grade 2. We were very dissatisfied with the educational options offered here. She was not challenged in her school and faced umpteen discipline problems in school. The very transient cultures in the school coupled with minimal regulations and accountability led us to the next important decision, that is taking us closer to the road of home-schooling.

We are pleasantly surprised to read your story in The Strait Times and you give us the inspiration to continue what we are pursuing. Thank you!

Since this is our first year into homeschooling, we have yet to find our bearings. We are currently trying out some resources or curriculum from US and Singapore. The experience are not all merry. However, we can see that our daughter is thriving and enjoying the whole process, so we believe that we will stay on this course for a longer time.

Thank you,

Involved parents.

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