Great Books for Pre and Early Readers

I do not believe in quizzing children excessively when reading to them or when they are reading (It is annoying!!!).  Let them read freely so that the love for reading sustains.

Do not force award winning books on them at this stage!  They are early or pre readers.  Those books are meant for readers who have read for some time, and therefore targeted at a different audience.  You will bore them and worse, make them detest books. Keep them for later stages.

Our job is to ensure they form a love relationship with books at this stage.

*If you want a program that works on improving reading speed, comprehension and level, consider a reading program by us or by another organization.

Pre and Early Readers

We used to join a book club that sent a book for a dollar every week to our house, but that service is not available in most Asian countries.  Hence, I had a library of at least 5000 books to read to the children when they  were growing up. 

I used to buy books when other parents bought toys.  My children only bought toys 6 times a year: on everyone's birthday, and during Christmas.  However, we had new books every week.

There were many books that were left on the shelves and seldom read, but there were books that were read till they fell apart.  The latter are favourites.  I have listed some of them here, and those I felt were of good value.

Kids react differently to different books, so you really have to find out what your children love.  I would suggest you buy a variety of books to 'test' the child, and see which ones he/she loves.

Once you know, then order the bundled ones because they are cheaper.  My kids' favorites were:

  • Dr Seuss
  • Berestain Bears
  • P.D Eastman
  • Funny Bunny
  • Thomas the Tank Engine series
  • Hello Readers
  • Step Into Reading 
  • First Time Books

I had every single book of the above series.

With Amazon shipping free to Singapore and India, we can enjoy some really good deals.

Earliest Readers Literature Books

These books are classics which are great for beginning readers.  They are less 'interesting' or 'funny' but they are intellectually stimulating.  Three of my children who are verbal intelligent love these books.

These books will progress children from fun reading to literature.

Though they are normally for up to seven years old, don't worry if your kids read earlier or later than that.

Surprise Books

When my son was 3 years old, I discovered he could read, and he read half the books in our library.  He could read business books, university text books, journals and science books.

I was shocked he learned to read by browsing through Captain Underpants.  I don't think his writing skills has been affected by reading comics, so here's a list of very interesting books that might pique your child's interest.

Please note that I don't encourage reading these books exclusively because children won't progress in their skills with these.  They are nice treats.

Thinking Games

I wished someone had told me that these games were so fun and helped so much in our family bonding times.  Most interestingly, I realized many games were designed after IQ tests.  I found that my children became more strategic, could think ahead and plan, and improved their memory skills from playing such games.

I have listed only some that are really good, I am sure there are many more out there, and feel free to explore!

I was told you can get some good books or good prices from these Singapore-based stores:
Littered with Books
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