Reading, Language Arts and Writing Programs

We will be launching two online programs to support the learning language arts and writing end of this year.  One is a core reading and writing curriculum, which builds children's reading skills from early readers to pre-university level, and another is a supplementary program.

Both programs aim to improve fluency, speed of reading, comprehension and critical reading.

The system will present quality fiction and non-fiction reading materials to the student according to the student's reading level, to ensure the material is not too easy such that the student can get bored, or too difficult that he/she will be demoralized.

Most of all, every child can progress according to his/her own pace.

Reading Program

Students are tested to ascertain their reading level and put into the right level accordingly.  It is therefore not specific to age but tailor-made for each child.

Our teacher will adjust the reading material for each child according to the history of his/her reading pattern.  The teacher will also mark the child's written work.

Our class starting in September is oversubscribed. The next class will start every month, and end the next September.  Register and pay to catch the next class!

Reading Program FAQ

How will the teacher find the child's enrolling reading level?

When we get your enrollment with payment, the teacher will assign a level according to the child's age. The first lesson is very important because it is when the system tries to find your child's reading level to pitch the right materials in future reading sessions.  Parents should monitor/encourage but not tell the answers to the child, especially in the first lesson.

How does the system pitch reading materials to a child?

The system will present materials that matches the child's reading level to him/her.  He/she can choose the topics or genre that interest him the most to read.

After each passage, the child will be presented activities and comprehension questions. When those are done, we will know how well he comprehended.

How does the system level up the child?

If the child is at too high a level due to parent intervention in early sessions,  he will get many mistakes, and the system will pitch at a lower level the next session. If the child consistently does well, he levels up. If the child is interested, he/she can do more than one passage a day.

How long should a child spend on the system?

From our research, a child should not spend more than 15-30 minutes a day to do one passage.  However, at secondary levels, the passages become longer and takes a longer time. So, as the child progresses, he can spend more time if need be.

How do I maximize the usage of the All Gifted Reading Program?

Ensure the child spends 15 - 30 minutes a day whenever possible to finish one passage, give lots of encouragement but do not answer the questions. The child's reading level, comprehension and oral skills will definitely improve.  Trust the system and not try to beat it or the child might find it hard the next session.

Which devices can I use to access the program?

You can use an iPad or computer or any tablet. But for the reading fluency part, recording cannot be done on devices without a recording function, so please check that.

Even though the system can be accessed through 3G mobile phones, prolonged usage is not encouraged for the child's eye health reasons.  Therefore, we recommend using the mobile phone as a backup device only.

What if my child is not doing well?

This program is pitched at a level higher than average Singapore system and will be difficult for even high achievers at certain juncture though easy most times. A good curriculum cannot be difficult all the time, or easy all the time.  So if your child falls short and becomes 'lower' than his/her assigned grade, don't worry. That will be temporary and he will level up and be ahead of the normal in time.  Just be patient.

What if my child is doing really well?

Remember the system does not stop leveling up the child once he/she is really good at any level. 

When we find the child capable, we accelerate, so he/she will come to a point where materials are difficult.  Be supportive.  Don't expect the same kind of results as things get tougher, but help the child understand there's nothing wrong not getting a perfect score every time. 

He/She will get his perfect score sooner or later at this higher level, if he/she refuses to be defeated.

When the child has gone beyond the system's level, we will inform the parents to move him/her on to university level courses.

If my child is only reading words and not sentences, is it suitable to enroll him/her in the program?

Our simplest reading level is as below, meant for preschoolers.  *Please remember that our program is one that is difficult for non-native speakers in Asia. If your child can read most of the words in this passage, he/she can enroll in the program, and we will work with him/her to level up on comprehension.

Course Fee and Registration

We have priced our classes at $50/month, with a minimum subscription of 12 months. Please register here.

Discount Available

Buddy Reading Program

From time to time, we will have special discounts. Please visit our to know more.


If both you and your child are Singaporeans born in Singapore, and your family income is less than S$2000, please request for a scholarship. You don't have to pay. If your family income is less than S$3,000, you pay half.

Toddler's program

We also have a toddler's program that is meant for children between the age of 0 to four. This program is beneficial to children who have not started reading yet. It uses the Glenn Doman flash card method. It is a three-month program and requires the parent to be diligent in teaching the child. If the parent is diligent, the child is guaranteed to read within three months.

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