Our Products

We are in the business of Intelligence Resource Management (IRM). IRM was coined up in 2015 by our founder when she retired from the university and decided to research into education

Intelligence Resource Management is about managing the aggregate intelligence within a community or society, and directly contradicts the belief that people are all the same and equally gifted. Specifically, we believe that children and students and each is gifted in different ways.

Therefore, our students should not be expected to learn the same things at the same time and at the same age.

At All Gifted, we recognize that every person is different, and if we can find a way to discover each person's gift and passion, maximize that in-born intelligence, then each person can contribute to his/her fullest potential to the society and economy, and have more contributing or productive years.

Learning Management Software and Apps Platform for Schools (LMS)

We have developed products that make teaching easier in schools for teachers and educators. Our LMS product can be licensed to schools, districts or countries, or can be used from the cloud on subscription basis. The features of our software include the following:

  • API driven and therefore can be customized for each school and in any language with complete freedom on look and feel
  • Choice of Integrated into the classroom or independent of classroom
  • Student Analytics
  • Cross institutional collaborative between educators and students
  • Mobile first design, teaching using devices students are already familiar with
  • Game environment
  • Cloud-based
  • Specialized for Kindergarten to Grade 12 (or pre-university) levels
  • Suitable for district-wide/country-wide collaboration and implementation

Literacy and Numeracy Content Programs

We provide parents, schools and districts with contents that is suitable for the school. These are available to parents and students as well. The features of our literacy and numeracy programs are as follows:

  • Skill and ability-based (and not age based)
  • Focuses on learning with intellectual peers while studying in an age peer classroom
  • Supports peer learning, individual learning and classroom learning

Limitless Electronic Testing Systems

We are concerned with students learning for tests rather than being educated meaningfully. We have developed a set of systems for testing in a short time frame using technology. Our adaptive system makes it impossible to study for a test, yet testing in the shorter time frame than most systems.

The key features are:

  • Super adaptive testing methodology
  • Mobile and internet testing facilities
  • Ease of marking and testing
  • Secure and fast

Please send an email to inquire about our products.