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In the post, the businesswoman turned stay-at-home mum recounted her struggles with Singapore's mainstream education system after a principal and teachers branded her son a troublemaker, and school therapists misdiagnosed him with autism. He was suspended from school for almost two years for misbehaviour.

Becoming a Flight Stewardess

This article talks about my experience becoming a stewardess just so that I don't have to be a burden to my family.

Starting a high school on the internet

This article talks about how I decided to start an online school in 2015. I had then decided to leave teaching in the university to become an entrepreneur once again.

Giving Smart Kids a Head Start

Pamela Lim by Susan Long

One size doesn't fit all, but schools continue to educate kids that way. Singaporean mother of five Pamela Lim wants to change that. Despite being diagnosed with all sorts of problems, her children entered university [...]

My Homeschool Experience

My views on homeschooling, how PSLE is a poor measurement of the academic ability of the homeschooled child, and what to look out for in homeschooling.  Have fun watching this!

Universities Rated PG

Pamela Lim article

"Hello, Auntie!" another curious student stared and greeted as I waved from my chair outside my son's classroom. It felt like I was punished by my primary school teacher for forgetting my exercise book. At times, [...]

Social Prodigy

Pamela Lim Social Prodigy

I asked for the definition of "prodigy" because different words can mean different things to different people, and I have never [...]

Past Philosophy that is still Relevant Today

Pamela Lim New Asia Business Woman

It has been more than 12 years and it is amazing to read what my thoughts were so long ago, and fascinated that those thoughts were consistent.  Thanks to one of the best journalists I have met who found this and sent it to me. [...]

A Page from the Past

Pamela Lim taking no passengers

There was no Facebook, Youtube or any kind of social networking. I was a pioneer in the days when mobile banking and internet banking was advanced. I invented mobile trading using WAP, and was the first to [...]

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