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Pamela Lim was a well-known entrepreneur in Asia 10 years ago. Her passion and drive as an entrepreneur helped her excel in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of business where so few succeed. She has won numerous entrepreneur awards in Singapore and the rest of Asia, including Top 10 Woman entrepreneur in 1999, The Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2000 and Netrepreneur of the Year in 2001.

Pamela started a company with just three employees which grew into one that has business and operations in 7 countries. The company managed to get approved for dual-listing in NASDAQ and SGX, a commendable feat as it’s the first ever Singapore company to achieve a first level listing approval.

She selflessly gave up the entrepreneurial and business world in 2004 with the passing of her father-in-law to raise her 5 young children. She started teaching and took to it with zealous dedication. Today, she is a lecturer for undergraduate and graduate innovation, business, entrepreneur and strategic management. She has dedicated the next few years to research into education.

As a mother and an educator, she is constantly searching for answers and alternatives to Education and is curious about the most important aspect in societies. Pamela is currently writing the first community book in the world, co-writing her book with her blog readers at her new blog The blog and book is peppered with many interesting and informative perspectives of her findings and struggles.

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