Nurturing Early Minds - 13.07.13

by Jin

Thank you Pamela for the refreshing ideas this afternoon.
I had been reading and googling on homeschool topics for quite a while since the birth of my 1st child 5yrs ago. After these 2 seminars, I am convinced and encouraged to start our homeschool.

Some of things that I had brought home today:
1) Grit
In order to achieve a goal, giving up is not a choice.

2) Time management
Prioritized the important things in life, home. Housework can wait but our children cant. This is the greatest challenge to me while juggling with my work.

3) Consistency
Progression is built on a good routine and foundation.

4) Advanced Preparation
The teacher/ parent needs to get the appropriate materials, to suit the learning abilities of the children. This process might be even longer than the learning time.

5) Motivation
The parents need to be self-motivated in driving or leading the children in the right direction. To be able to pursue one's passion is the greatest motivation.

6) Finding a good fit
No need to go with the flow. Finding the best fit for the family's schedule, well being and needs, is far important than forcing through something which everyone else is practising.

After much procrastination and hesitation, I finally set up my homeschool last week with my reorganised library, simplified 'workboxes' system and flexi-schedule. While I am still looking out for a suitable art curriculum ( if you have any recommendations?), I am thankful that I had made the first step. No turning back.
Thanks again, Pamela for the enlightenment.

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