Math Diagnostic/Adaptive Test

Together with some colleagues, students and sponsored by industry partners, we have developed some interesting technologies for diagnostic purposes and online learning.  We have spent much time researching into the best ways to test students' knowledge that cannot be prelearned or hot-housed. These will be available to schools, institutions and families soon.  

If you would like to deliver your tests and assessments using state-of-the-art mobile technology for your school or community, contact us, and we can do that for you Primary School Mathematics Diagnostics package should be available in end 2013. (For Age 4 to 12 years old).  

The system is the result of a research done in 2012 with my students and a few Information System Faculty colleagues and professors, tested with primary school and kindy students.

Purpose and Use of Test

Students will be informed their strengths and weakness, and such information is especially useful during crucial examination years, so that the teachers and students will know which areas to focus on.

It has also in surprising circumstances, helped us identify some students gifted in specific Math areas.  This is valuable information because at the highest level, scholars do branch out into very specialized areas.  It helped us identify specific strengths and focus on them.

We learn that when some kids fair badly in Math, it may not be because they are bad at Math, if we can remove the underlying weakness, we can help them find their strengths as well.

Test System for schools or individuals

You can adopt this test for schools or individuals. We can give you a diagnosis of a child within 1 hour of him/her taking the tests, pin point the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Please email us if you have an interest.

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