Kindy/Primary Programs

All Gifted offers literacy and numeracy programs to enhance the academic performance of preschoolers to primary school children.  Students access the materials online anywhere via their favourite internet device.  It is our way of reaching out to the millennium digital natives.

Literacy Programs

We have two literacy programs available: one is a supplementary program, and the other is a core curriculum.

The Supplementary program is an individualized reading program aimed at leveling up the reading skills of children, up to Grade 12 or Pre-university level.  Students study at their own pace, and not limited to materials of their grades only.

The Core Curriculum is for homeschoolers who need a core program for reading and language arts.

Numeracy Programs

We provide 4 products:

  • Primary School Singapore Maths syllabus delivered on the internet devices
  • Supplementary program to enhance children's maths skills via gaming on tablets or laptops.
  • Math Diagnostic Test
  • Algebra for primary school

The core curriculum can be used by homeschoolers, while the supplementary program by students who want to have extra practice on maths questions.

Acetab Math Diagnostic Test

The Maths diagnostic test ascertains the student's comprehension level for each primary school math topic to identify the strengths and weaknesses.  This is useful during critical exam years to help teachers and parents identify the student's weak areas to work on, making learning and revision more efficient.


Our Algebra program will introduce students to important concepts of algebra that will typically be taught in secondary schools. We believe our methodology can deliver even difficult concepts through clear and concise ways such that young students can still grasp and muster the topic.