All Gifted High School

Over the years, many parents have asked me how I accelerated my children and what programs I put them on.  Possessing a good curriculum is vital in education.  I have always shared these with parents and pointed them to the places I found great things.

Unfortunately, many parents return to me empty-handed, they either could not proceed because costs were too high or the arrangement were not feasible.  Therefore, the birth of this accredited high school and courses that are accredited.  It took me some years to get this done!

If you are interested to acquaint your child with self or instructor paced courses, please read on.

Criteria for High School Admission

Together with our partners in the US, we will offer regionally accredited US High School Diploma programs to young students.

While most students are admitted at 15 and take three years to complete the diploma, we have students who admit as young as 10, finish the diploma in a year and make it to top universities at 12 years old.  We will admit any student above 10 who can pass the following tests:

  1. Mathematics - Algebra I
  2. Reading skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Interview with Candidate
  5. Interview with Parent(s)*
  6. Personal statement written by candidate*

*Candidates above 18 years old need not complete items 5 and 6.

Additional Requirement for Radical Acceleration

For applicants under 15 years old requesting for two or more grades of acceleration (radical acceleration), additional requirements include:

  1. Consultation to develop an Individual Tertiary Plan
  2. IQ test (by our or candidate's own certified psychologists)*
  3. National Service/Exit Permit Plans for male applicants

*Your child need not be tested gifted to enroll, but he/she must be motivated to learn.  We do not have a cutoff IQ score. An academically gifted and motivated child normally progresses faster than others.

Applicants who are unable to meet the requirements will be advised their weaknesses and either study our home programs or use external programs to beef up their knowledge before reapplying.

We are not biased against re-applicants.

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