Adult Reading Program

If you are an adult and want to read better, our reading program will cater to your needs. We expose you to politics, nature, sciences, history, geography and literature. Read a passage a day, do an exercise a day, learn a few words a day. Take it a step at a time.

When you are done with one level, we move you to the next. Through better reading capabilities, we hope to add some value to you: maybe you can get a better job, help with your children's work or generally be able to comprehend articles better, or get ready for university

Reading Program

Students are tested to ascertain their reading level and put into the right level accordingly.  It is therefore not specific to age but tailor-made for each student.

Our teacher will adjust the reading material for each student according to the history of his/her reading pattern.

Reading Program FAQ

How does the system pitch reading materials to a student?

The system will present materials that matches the student's reading level to him/her.  He/she can choose the topics or genre that interest him/her the most to read.

After each passage, the student will be presented activities and comprehension questions. When those are done, we will know how well he/she comprehended.

How long should a student spend on the system?

We recommend spending time to read at least two passages a day for adults, and more if possible.

Which devices can I use to access the program?

You can use an iPad or computer or any tablet. But for the reading fluency part, recording cannot be done on devices without a recording function, so please check that.

Even though the system can be accessed through 3G mobile phones, prolonged usage is not encouraged for most for eye health reasons.  Therefore, we recommend using the mobile phone as a backup device only.

For best results, please choose the Chrome browser.

Please ensure you can read at least most of the passage below before enrolling in the class.

Course Fee and Registration

We have priced our classes at $50/month, with a minimum subscription of 12 months.

Discount Available


If both you are Singaporeans born in Singapore, and your family income is less than S$2000, please request for a scholarship, it is free. If your family income is less than $3000, you pay half.

Upon verification of your document, your course shall be free. Leave us a message at All-Gifted's Fanpage if you fall into this category.