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The Gift of Education, Issue #007 - July 2014 Seminars
June 21, 2014

When my oldest son qualified for the university at 14, I learned something really interesting: that people assume that I hothoused him, gave him tons of tuition and probably locked him in a freezer to force him to study.

Quite the contrary, I don't believe children should go for tuition by default, I don't advocate those IQ enrichment classes. But I believe parental involvement in keeping a child's mind keen and interested. I also believe in finding a child's gifts and then work with him/her to achieve his/her potential.

Many people have asked me to repeat the parental seminars I conducted last year, which were all oversubscribed. So this year, I have reduced the cost by 60% and introduced some new topics.

If you are interested to know how to give your children an environment that is not focused on killing his creativity, and still get ahead academically, you can attend my seminars. I have three different topics this year.

There's an early bird discount that won't be extended. Please follow the link to register.

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