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The Gift of Education, Issue #003 -- Seminar and School Launch
June 14, 2013

Two important things to share:

1. I have time to conduct seminars and launch a school in July, and you are invited to join me!

For the seminars, you can register here: and for subscribing this newsletter, we will be giving you a $100 discount, so don't pay on the site.

2. Many parents ask me how they can help their children so that they can have less stressful study loads and still make it to the university at the same time or ahead of their peers.

Over the years, I have pointed these parents to my sources but many return empty-handed. Hence, I decided to bring these resources together and form a school.

I am launching a new school, a High School accredited regionally that offers the US High School Diploma, and the first of its kind outside the US.

If you are interested to know how courses with the school can help accelerate your gifted or non-gifted child, you can attend this launch. Details are here:

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