The Gift of Education

I did not know the gift of education until my own child was not allowed to study with his peers in a public school, and that's when I realized the best gift to a child is the gift of education.  I started this site to share why I believe every child is gifted and therefore his abilities should be respected and catered to.  I'll also share my experiences with my five children, and together, we can all gift to our children student-tailored educations which maximize their abilities.

Even though it was painful when I was left to find solutions myself when some of my kids who were diagnosed with disabilities were not allowed into public school classrooms, I did not wallow.  Instead, I seek to understand my kids' natural abilities, learning styles and then planned a suitable education for each of them.  As a result, four out of five of my children qualified for respectable universities by fourteen-years-old.

While on this journey, I learned about existing and unconventional methods of achieving good educations for my children. Post by post, I will tell you how this can be done, as well as where I found help and resources. What appears on this site will comprise about half of what will be published in the book scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.

Nobody is a guru, and I have never believed anyone has the ultimate knowledge in anything. I may know a little more because I spent years researching and have personally walked the paths four and half times with my own kids and another thousands of times with my students. Yet, I believe others have much to contribute as well!

Through this site, I also hope to get your views and feedback on how to do this better. If you send me something by end of 2013, You, an educator, a parent or a student will be my co-author and my advisor on how to put these resources into a useful book. Everyone whose contributions are published will get a copy of the book free-of-charge.  This should be the first book in the world authored together with a world community.

At the end of this exercise, we hope to discover methods to design individualized education plans using modern and classic resources for each child. 200 pages and thousands of hours of hard work later, we should be another step closer to gifting our children with the best education that suit them.

I hope readers will:

  • Gain an understanding of who should be responsible in educating the children in the education systems
  • Discover new ways to engage learners in schools and at home
  • Know where to find resources that are available besides those offered traditionally by schools
  • Find suitable pedagogies that work and suit the educators and learners
  • Know how to work with and not against the school and current education system to bring out the best in each child
  • Know when and how to engage external help e.g. tutors and coaches to complement teaching
  • Find ways to match what we have learned to the gifts and learning capability of each child

Hope to hear from you soon, and we will be the first people to write a book with a community.

The Gift of Education
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Interpersonal Intelligence
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Social Prodigy
There are many kinds of intelligence, and they all play a part in our success. People who are socially adept are geniuses in their own rights.
Kinesthetic Giftedness
People gifted with kinesthetic intelligence are able to manipulate their bodies and are geniuses in movements and timing. They need to move, cannot sit still, and are often mislabeled with ADHD.
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Great Educators Matter
Often, good educators are under-appreciated in our society, they are seldom the ones to be promoted, their voices are seldom heard, and they are made to do things more aggressive educators won't.
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Asian or western education have their own merits, and there are misconceptions that lead us to think otherwise...
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Universities are PG rated
Do you know that universities cannot take in early entrants below 15 because they are not equipped to do so. Hence, parents have to chip in.
Key to Acceleration
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Brighten the corner where you are
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*This and other articles on this site are excerpts from the book "The Gift of Education" by Pamela Lim to be published in 2014.

Important: If there are any specific topics or areas you would like addressed, please leave a comment below or a message here and they will either be answered directly or covered in the book.

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